Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hayden is 1!

This post is nearly a month overdue!  I just still can't hardly believe the day has come... and gone!  Our little Hayden Nicholas is one year old!  How did that happen? 

We had a really fun time on his birthday.  He loves Blue's Clues, and we had a lot of fun with that theme.  This is the invitation:
It's a little hard to read, but it says: Guess who's having a Birthday!  I'll give you three clues: - He's happy -He's handsome - He's Hayden  And he's turning 1!  I had a fun time making the invites and Bailey was a great little helper.  She colored Blue for me and she also helped me make Hayden's cake.  She was "reading" the recipe for me.  She told me we needed 3 cups of eggs (there was a picture of three eggs) ;).

Even though he had a lot of fun, Hayden wasn't feeling exactly 100%.  During the week of his birthday, he was teething, working on and ear infection, and when I took him in for his well check, the doctor was pretty sure he had RSV!  He was a champ and was very cheerful even though he was feeling kind of miserable!  When he got a hold of this balloon, that was the happiest and most excited I had seen him all day!  He came up with this funny little game where he would bite onto the tie and then pull the balloon away from his face.  Then he'd let go of the tie and let it snap; he just thought that was hilarious and he did it over and over!
There were a lot of blue decorations at his Blue party!
This was the cake that Bailey helped me with.  It's supposed to be a Blue's Clues paw print... didn't turn out quite exactly how I had hoped, but I think it got the idea across and it tasted really good!
We had a lot of family come to party, too; Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Lindsay and the Lindsay cousins, and Uncle Nick and Aunt Lindi!

You can't have a Blue's Clues party without playing a game of Blue's clues!  We dressed up Ken as close to looking like Steve as we could.  He was so great with the kids and made it a lot of fun!  They each even got their own "Handy-dandy Notebook." 
The first clue was a pair of hands...
The second clue was 3 balls; and the third clue was Ken!  They sat down in their "Thinking Chairs" and put it all together pretty quickly!
Ken put on a fun little juggling show for everyone!

Then it was present time!  Hayden got some really fun toys and clothes!  Thanks to our family for such fun gifts!

Next was cake!  He didn't make too big of a mess, but seemed to really enjoy it!

Hayden was really excited about his dinosaur push/ride-on toy from the Lindsays.
Grandpa brought some fun balloon and made some bunny ears for B
I guess my sister and I think alike, because we got Hayden a push/ride-on toy as well... a little fire truck.
Taysum and Bailey had picked out two balls to get for Hayden and they could not wait until they could give them to him!  Taysum chose a green ball for him and B chose a big orange one.  Hayden loves them both!

Hayden is such a sweet little boy!  He just loves to watch all our craziness.  He is usually pretty quiet and observant, but he is beginning to find his voice!  He doesn't really have any words yet, but he does say "Da" now and then and he has a cute little clicking sound (kind of a 'ta' sound) when ever we buckle him into his swing, car seat or booster chair.  Our favorite is a little sound he makes 'uh?' which he says like a question.  He also says 'hi' sometimes and we've coaxed a 'ba' out of him a couple times for bottle.  He also will hold things up to show you and makes a 'see' sound.  He's really close to walking; he can take a few steps on his own and he walks really well if he's pushing or holding on to something.  He likes to lean back on things when he's standing so he has his hands free to do things.  He HATES having anything on his hands or feet!  Socks and shoes... forget it!  He screams and pulls them off as quickly as he can!  He gives fives and kisses and likes to reach up for you to hold him.  I LOVE how cuddly he is!  He'll sit still and let you hold him and he'll snuggle into you or put his cheek to yours!  However, he can be quite the wiggle worm as well!  He's great at Peek-a-Boo and will pull the blanket on and off his face.  He's starting to point to things with one finger.  He loves taking baths and splashing in the water.  He loves being on the couch and can get off without help.  His swing broke a few months ago, but he still loves to be in it and will often swing himself.  He likes to watch "Blue's Clues" and "Sesame Street."  He has six teeth now and teething is kind of rough on him.  He got his two front bottom teeth first; then his top two canines, if you can believe it; and now he also has his two front teeth.  His crib is near the door and the light switch.  After his nap, he'll stand up and open the door and turn the light on and off until you come get him!  One of my favorite things about him is how much he loves the satin edges on blankets.  He loves to rub it in between his fingers, rub it on his face and on his toes as he hums himself to sleep.  He thinks he's big and loves to get the computer mouse and click, click, click.  He loves balls and cars; he makes the cutests little motor sounds as he pushes his cars around.  He's a really good eater and will try anything you give him!  He's such a wonderful part of our family and we feel so blessed to have him with us!  He's at such a fun and cute stage and we look forward to watching him continue to grow and develop!  We love you so much, baby boy!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Siblings by birth... Friends by choice

Yes... she actually fell asleep this way!

The kids love these little chocolate straws.  They have chocolate flavoring in them and as you sip the milk through, it turns into chocolate milk.  Taysum finished his milk, so he thought he'd help B with hers; which she was very generous in allowing! :)  I just love little moments like this!

Taysum's Special Day

Taysum's class has been doing a unit on Special People.  Everyone in his class gets a turn to have a special day!  Taysum's special day was March 23rd.  Our family got to come visit him in his classroom.  He read a book he had made about all his favorite things.  He also got to bring a favorite snack to share (popcorn and oranges) and some of his favorite things.
He was so proud to share his family and the wonderful things that make him special!  He brought his rock guitar to show his class and had a good time showing off his "moves!"

We think you are very special, Taysum, and we love you so much!  We're so glad you had a whole day to feel extra special!  We hope you feel how very speical you are everyday!

We've had some fun with some kites Grandpa Anderson gave to the kids.  It kept getting stuck on the roof, so I went up and freed it; which I don't know why I was so keen on voulenteering instead of letting Ken do it... since I'm the one nervous about heights!  Oh, well... the kids were really impressed! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

March Madness

St. Patrick's Day could not come quickly enough at our house!  Taysum's favorite color is green, so he was beside himself with excitement at the thought of an entire day of green!
Bailey was really excited about the idea of green hair!
I know they look worried/concerned in this picture... they were really happy and excited.... I think they were just annoyed with all the pictures...
Even Hayden was all decked out!

Carissa was really excited about her new green shirt, too!
On the 18th, there was a full moon.  I heard something about it being the largest full moon in the next 18 years, so I thought I'd get a picture! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick Catch-Up

I haven't posted in awhile, because it doesn't seem like much has been going on.  But, as I look back through the pictures on my camera, I realize I'm getting behind again!  There's no common theme to this post... just some pictures of the everyday!

These first couple pictures kind of represent me "tooting my own horn."  We had been married about three years when we got this plant and it has survived move after move, neglect and just about all a plant can stand!  It's been hearty and faithful and it has become very special to me.  Usually after a move, we have to cut it way back because there is so much damage.  It was getting pretty long, and I finally got the courage to try and grow a start from it.  I took it down and found it covered with all these little bump-like growths.  The growths were right where the stem of the leaf meets the vine.  Some of the vines had no leaves where the bumps were.  I was really sad and worried about the plant.  I didn't want to just toss it after nearly 10 years!  So, I cut it back as much as I dared and hoped for the best.  I'm more than happy to say it has survived and is beginning to flourish again!!  Better yet, my starts took and now I have a second plant doing very well!  They still don't look like much, but you have to remember they started out with about 2 leaves each! :)

Early in March, my family got together and we went bowling just for fun!  It was a good time and it was fun to have everyone together.  I always get excited for get-togethers like this; spending time with family, etc.  I usually end up spending so much time helping/chasing/calming down, etc. my kids that before I know it... it's time to go home!  Oh well... it was still a good time and I was proud of myself for going even though I didn't have Ken with me!  The kids had a really good time, too.  We each got a strike!  Bailey was really fascinated with the shoes and she insisted I take a picture!
This little device was great for Bailey.  You just put your ball on top and give it a push.  As it follows the rails down, the ball gains momentum and speed and makes it a lot easier for the little ones!
CJ was pretty fascinated with the scores on the monitor!
Taysum did really well!  He saw all the adults taking a quick walk before they let the ball roll and he tried to imitate it.  He started clear back at the lockers, ran across the carpet, on to the bowling platform and let it go like crazy; it was such an effort, that he slipped and fell on his hind end.  And guess what!?  That's when he got his strike!

This shot wasn't close enough to really tell, but my sister really impressed me as she bowled while holding her nearly two year old at the same time!!
There are days, as I am sure there are in most families, when I think my kids should join the circus!  They come up with some pretty creative, if crazy, ideas all on their own!  Sometimes, though, they are actually pretty impressive.  Taysum has a gift that I really admire.  When he wants to learn something, he really puts his whole self into it!  He studies it from every angle and possibility; he reviews it again and again; before you know it, he's got it down and can do it with no problem!  Bailey is just something else!  She can just blow you away sometimes with that imagination of hers.  So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado; now performing in the center ring, the amazing Cutler kids!  Presenting Bailey, playing the harmonica with, yes, her toes!!  And also Taysum, who has learned to blow bubbles with his gum!!  Amazing, folks!

The day after the bowling fun was a really wonderful day!  If you remember my post from our anniversary, we had planned  a trip to Billings to go to the temple and perform some sealings for family names.  One thing after another went wrong and it just did not happen!  This time, it was completely opposite and felt like it was absolutely meant to be!  Everything went so smoothly and well and it was just a wonderful, wonderful day.  The only downside, was Hayden realized we were gone after he had been at Uncle Nick and Aunt Lindi's for awhile and ended up crying himself to sleep.  Nick had been up on call the night before, so he was worn out, too and they both had a nice little nap!
This was a separate occasion and I just loved how his hand was positioned on his face!
Baily wanted to try on my coat...
Ken has flown to Utah for work a couple times recently and has brought home gifts for the kids.  He found these guitars at the airport and thought the kids would like them.  They are pretty impressive and the kids just love them... especially Taysum!
Taysum was showing off some pretty cool moves on the trampoline!

We even got out the keyboard for Hayden and started a band!
Bailey has just LOVED going to preschool this year.  She's done so well and has really developed socially, which has been such a blessing!  I love the little papers she brings home, too!  This one had her name on it, which she had written all by herself!  That was the first time I had seen her name written by herself!
Just a couple of sillies!

Another new thing we've tried is curling Bailey's hair!  I hadn't really tried it before, because she wouldn't hold still long enough until now.  It was really fun to do and I loved how it turned out, but no matter how much product I put in it, it barely lasted until we got to church.  The poor girl has really straight hair and it just wouldn't hold the curl!  Oh well, at least I got a couple of pictures! :)