Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank Heaven for........

We had our ultrasound today and we are so pleased to announce that we are having a little boy! Everything looked great! At first the umbilical cord was in between his legs, so we weren't sure if we'd be able to find out, but he got really wiggly at the end and he made it very clear he was a he! Now we're excited to choose a name!! Thanks for being so excited with us!!

Superman or Clark Kent???

I thought this was kind of cute with his glasses and his Superman PJs. Made me think of Superman wearing Clark's glasses. :)
This is my new haircut...I really like it because it's easy and fun.
This isn't the best shot, but you can see my baby belly anyway. We are so excited because in about three hours we're going to have an ultrasound. I'm really hoping we'll be able to find out what we're having. It's just really important for me to know this time for some reason!!! Pictures to come!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chasing Chickens in Your Sleep

The night before last, I heard Taysum crying for his Daddy. I went to see what was wrong. When he realized it was me he said, in a crying voice, "Mommy?" I answered, "What, sweetheart?" He said, "I want to get the chickens." Since he was half asleep and I didn't want to upset him, I just said, "OK." I started to rearrange him and his blankets and while I was doing that, he was making very quiet, nearly unintelligible "bock, bock" sounds. After I got him settled again he said, "There! Got 'em!" It totally made my night!!

We had a very nice Halloween. The Thursday before, Taysum had his school Halloween Party. He was a cowboy for Halloween this year. He was very excited to dress up and go to school. I guess he didn't realize the other kids would be dressed up as well, because he was a little nervous when we first got there and he saw the other kids. Once I got him talking to the other kids about their costumes, he was fine. All the kids were so cute!
That night we went to Aunt Lindsay's house to celebrate Grandma Anderson's birthday. We love you and are so grateful for all you do for us! We love both our October Grandmas!!
Halloween day was SO beautiful!! It was 65 degrees during the day and as sunshiny as could be! Our ward had our Relief Society Super Saturday. I had so much fun being with other ladies and making some fun crafts and treats. I have such a wonderful husband who is not only sweet enough to let me take off for the day, but he gets really excited for me to be able to do things like that! While I was gone, Ken and Taysum raked the leaves in the yard. You know, it's a little frustrating to have a yard full of leaves when you don't even have any trees! :)
This picture just reminds me of Grandpa Ned. He loves to work in his yard and his glasses tend to slip just like this! :)
Our little Wyoming cowpokes!
Yee Haw! (Freckles and all!)
Watch out! She'll lasso your heart!
Later that evening we went to Aunt Lindsay's ward's Trunk-or-Treat. Bailey didn't really get how it worked and she just wanted to hang around the van. Taysum loved it though! He really liked going around saying, "Trick-or-Treating!" He liked staying at the van and passing out candy as well. He was giving it out of his own bag!
We've had some long nights with coughing over the past couple weeks. The scariest night, I almost took Taysum to the ER. He was coughing non-stop and choking most of the time. I tried everything I knew, but it didn't seem to help. Finally he was able to sleep and then Bailey started coughing. I went to help her and, in the sweetest voice you've ever heard, she pointed to the door and said, "That way, Mommy. That way." She didn't even want me! Hearing that at 3:30 in the morning after being up all night trying to make them comfortable just did it for me...I started crying. Ken was sweet and did all he could to let me sleep in before he had to go to work. It was a long week, but they gradually got better and we made it through. This was Taysum the next day catching up on his rest. We were lucky that they didn't have any other symptoms. The cough is just hanging on and on, but it's going away! This has cured Taysum of sleeping in our room (for now anyway). He would come into our room and just start coughing like crazy. He realized that the humidifier by his bed was really helping his cough, so he would tell us he wanted to go back to his "own little bed." Ken mentioned last night that he kind of missed Taysum coming into our room. I told him, "I bet you never thought you'd say that!" It's pretty cute how much Taysum loves his "water fire." He makes sure we turn it on every night!
These next couple pictures are especially for Uncle Nick and Aunt Lindi! At school, they just finished up a unit on fire-fighters. Taysum has just LOVED this unit! He LOVES fire trucks and anything that has to do with fighting fires. They made these little fire trucks at school. He came home and was driving everywhere and saved at least 10 baby kittens that day!

We've had a couple sore fingers at our house, too. This is Taysum after he pinched his finger in a light saber. It didn't break the skin, but he's at a stage where he thinks ANY hurt needs a "bandy." Ken also has a hurt finger. It's VERY infected and swollen and very painful. He was embarrassed, but I finally got him to go to the doctor and he got some an anti-biotic. He also lanced it himself, which I was not in favor of, but it is doing much better!

Something else we've been getting used to at our house is the time change! Ken and I were so excited to have an extra hour the night before 8am church! However, Bailey was up at her usual time (which is now 6am) singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." It was really cute, but it was 6am! She just sang quietly to herself for about 1/2 an hour. Both kids were up about that time all week. They would be really grumpy by the end of the day because "technically" they were staying up an extra hour. That, plus the coughing, made for a pretty grumpy week last week. Yesterday, however, they both slept until 8 and Bailey slept longer than that! It made for a much better day!....or at least a happier mommy! This morning they slept until 7, so I think their internal clocks are readjusting as well!

Baby update! Next Monday, we will be at 20 weeks...half way there! Ask me again at 8 months ;), but so far this pregnancy has gone SO fast! It has also gone really well! I'm starting to feel the baby move more and more which is exciting! We're VERY excited for our ultrasound on the 23rd and we're hoping we'll be able to find out what we're having!