Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Days

Last Tuesday, September 8, was Taysum's LLOONNGG awaited first day of school! He LOVED school last year and the groups they did during the summer. Ever since we went to the screening, everyday he would say, "I have to go to school!" He would be very upest that it wasn't time. We even did a countdown and that didn't really help! I'm glad that he enjoys it so much!

He goes to VIP Preschool which is in the same building he went for his 3-year old class last year. His teachers, Lori Scheffler and Carol Fink are the best! You couldn't ask for better teachers. They are so kind and genuine...it's just great! Taysum loves them both! Carol is actually Katie Fink's mom, who was Taysum's teacher last year...so it's great!

He goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:15am-12:15pm. It's amazing how much more busy three days a week is than two days a week last year! He also has a lot of fun kids in his class (including 3 boys from our ward) and two sets of identical twins! There are also a lot of fun moms I get to see twice a day which is great!!

It was a bright sunny morning, so he's kind of "squinty" in these pictures.
Bailey is actually the one who came up with this idea. She has Taysum's backpack from last year and she came in the picture and started striking a pose and Taysum joined in.

Cool new Spiderman backpack! (You can't tell, but it lights up, too!)

Taysum found his name on his box and hook.

This is a cute way for them to sign in and practice writing their name. Last week I had to help him, but today he did it all by himself! It was really exciting!

They have a question they have to answer each day. Last week was, "Can you hop like a frog?" Then they have to show how they can hop, find their name and put it under "yes" or "no."

They gave a cute little handout to the parents. It had a Hersey hug and kiss and said, "Here's a hug and kiss for you while I'm at Preschool!! 1st day of VIP Preschool 2009" It was so thoughtful!

And he's off to circle time!!

I actually didn't have too hard of time being emotional, because it was all familiar and he was SOO happy! I was just so happy for him! He's getting to be so big! We love you, Taysum!!

This is just a favorite shot of mine from the ward campout last month. First and only time I've been able to get pig tails in her hair!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our new one

Introducing, Cutler baby 3!! We are so thrilled and feel so blessed to have our new little miracle! We're just 10 weeks along, but we're so excited to share our wonderful news!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fireworks...in September?!!

So, yesterday Bailey was down for her nap and I went to shower...finally. Half way through, I heard Taysum going on about something and I could only hear snatches, "...my house!" "What's going on?" etc. So, I start calling him to try and figure out what is going on, but he won't answer me. He just runs to the door and yells something to me evey once in a while that I can't understand. My first thought is that maybe some one is at the house, so I don't exactly want to go running out there. I'm getting frustrated and finally get him to come talk to me. I ask him what is going on. He says something like, "What's going on my house?" and then the "best" one, "Fireworks in the kitchen!" Ok, so I'm out of the shower and mostly wrapped in a towel headed toward the kitchen and I see a strange flickering light. I get to the kitchen and, sure enough...fireworks...in the microwave!!! It was pretty crazy! Through the door of the microwave I see what looks like one of those flowers, I think they're called. They are those ones you light on the ground and they have a pretty flame on top and sparks underneath! It was exactly that way! Sparks and everything!! So, I get the microwave off and open the door to figure out what in the world he had put in there. All that was left was a charred, half package of pink lemonade koolaid! Apparently they have a metallic lining inside, thus the sparks. I went on to tell Taysum how dangerous that was and to thank Heavenly Father that it hadn't been worse. I have no idea how long of time he had set it for or even how long it had been going, but there was over 51 minutes left on the timer! I'm so thankful it didn't make a bigger fire; it didn't even ruin the microwave! New rule: microwave is only plugged in when in use...by a mommy or daddy!! :) Sorry...this wasn't exactly one of those moments where I thought, he shouldn't have done this, but it's kind of cute, so I'll take a picture...and yes....Ken did ask me if I had taken one...*sigh* ;0)

On a lighter note, our kids have really been into watching Dora the Explorer and Diego lately. It's been so funny to listen to the Spanish they've picked up from these shows. Yesterday Taysum was sorting some toy cups into grande and pequeno. He would say to Bailey, "Grande or pequeno? Bailey? I want grande!" Bailey's favorite has been, ayudame. She'll pretend to be stuck and say, "Ayudame, help, ayudame!!" If they are still "into" it, I think it would be really fun to dress them as Dora and Diego for Halloween...that's a whole month+ away, though, so we'll have to see!