Friday, June 26, 2009

Ever and ever

The other night, Uncle Nick and Aunt Lindi came over to visit. Taysum showed them the train table Ken had made for him. Uncle Nick said, "Do you have the best dad ever?" Taysum said, "Ever and ever."

We've been pretty good at keeping our goal of having our daily devotional before the kids go to bed. Taysum does pretty well, but Bailey just has not enjoyed it; mostly because we usually have to turn her movie off to do it. We always start out by saying, "What song are we going to sing?" Taysum always chooses "I Am a Child of God." We start singing and Bailey usually runs into another room crying. We have found that persistance pays off! The past couple nights Bailey hasn't minded at all! Last night I said, "What song are we going to sing?" and she said "I Chil Got" She sang the whole song with us! She didn't mind at all when we turned her movie off and she stayed in the room with us the whole time; she even said a prayer and amen!

Two nights ago we went to the Lovell's Days Follies. It was just Taysum and I and it was fun to do something just with my little boy. We got home and he was really excited to tell Ken about it. I wish you could have seen him...his expressions and hand gestures and the way he said it was the best! He was leaning against a chair with one hand and was using his other hand to explain or it was on his hip. He said, "Had fun with mom. (We missed the next part) ...and shared popcorn with Carrissa and had lots of fun!"

Our two favorite quotes from our trip to Utah in June: We didn't leave until after 6pm, so we were trying anything to stay awake. Ken and I were playing "Name that Tune" with old TV show themes so there were a lot of la la las and da da das, etc. Taysum wanted to play too. Most of his songs were Thomas the Train songs. At one point he said, "How 'bout the blah song? Blah, blah blah..." Maybe we were just tired, but we couldn't stop laughing! The other one, was from Bailey. She has been growing like crazy! At her last check up she was in the 90th percentile for height! She's not even two and she's been in a 3T for the past couple months! So, we stopped to get her some new church shoes. They were white with some sparkles on them. I showed her when I got back to the car and she got so excited! I put them on her and and she kept showing us her "peetty shoes" One time I accidentally barely bumped them and she said, "Hey!" It was so girly and cute!

Bailey's favorite two songs right now are "Popcorn Popping" and "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee." Sometimes they merge into one song when she's singing them. Last Sunday after chuch I got her from nursery and she stuck her finger up her nose and when she brought her finger out, she brought a little something out with it. She got all excited and said, "Popcorn!!"

Taysum has begun "narrating" his life. He gets it from the Thomas movies. So, he'll be going along and then he'll say something like, "'What are you doing, Thomas?' said Taysum" It's so cute. We were coming home from Grandma's and Grandpa's and he narrated the whole trip home!

Bailey has a really cute "squishy face." It all started with her dad after bath time. She was upset after getting out of the tub and Ken started making faces with her in the mirror and she loved it. It's part of the regular bathtime routine now. They make silly faces and then laugh; they do this over and over.

Last week Ken put some new batteries in a little lantern that Taysum has. He loves flashlights and things like that so he was really excited to take it to bed. After awhile he came out and said to Ken, "Dad! I hear something!" There is a button you can push on the lantern and it will make cricket and outdoor night time sounds. He handed it to Ken and said, "I want peace and quiet!" This toy is one of those you can't just turn off, you have to wait until it stops. Ken explained that to Taysum so he tries really hard not to bump it. When ever he does, he always says, "Oh man!"