Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ob la di, ob la da.... goes on!! I keep searching for the pause button of life, with no luck! Our little baby is already 4 weeks old! Our sweet little princess is in a toddler bed! She'll be three in three months and will be starting pre-school!
My "baby" brother is the champ shot put and discus thrower and a senior this year!!
In this picture, he reached a new PR of 55' 3"!
Bailey and Taysum having fun on the "mountains" at the Lovell Track Meet last weekend.
Bright Eyes
Taysum will be the big #5 in a matter of WEEKS and is tearing up the neighborhood on his trike!
Bailey chillin' at Grandpa and Grandma's after a family Bar-B-Q after the track meet!
Grandma Anderson helping cousin Carissa hold Hayden
Taysum got to go on a school field trip to a farm. I sent my camera along with his teachers and they got some great shots for me!
My wonderfully talented husband made his first pie this past weekend! We had some friends whose freezer thawed and they gave us some YUMMY apple pie filling. So, Ken and Taysum made the crust and we had an awesome Sunday dessert! By the time I thought to take a picture, this was all that was left!!
Our "big" boy had his first Gymnastics Recital last night. I wasn't able to get good pictures because I was recording it for Ken who was stuck at a Town Meeting in Basin. Obviously, I can't take pictures and record at the same time!! I think I just pushed the button too quickly and it wasn't in focus yet...or something!
Grandma Anderson and Carissa came to support Taysum!
Daddy made it towards the end and the kids were really excited to see him!
One of his awesome teachers, Miss Cathy
I've mentioned before that Taysum is so caring towards his siblings. This morning we were getting ready to take Taysum to school and I heard him talking and singing to Hayden. He was saying how cute he was and singing "I Am A Child of God." When I went to get Hayden, I found Taysum had tucked in a toy for Hayden, too!
So many wonderful moments
In such a short, little while
I wish I could change the clock
And measure the time smile by smile!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're All Together

Hayden Nicholas Cutler
Was born 8:30am Wednesday, March 31 in Powell, WY. He was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 19 3/4 in. long. We're so happy to have him here with us! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family and makes us so complete! He has lots of medium brown hair and we think his eyes might stay blue. He has great color (now that the jaundice is gone). He has his daddy's strait nose and cleft chin. He is such a good baby!! He has just been such a joy and he is such a calm and special spirit so far! He brings a lot of peace with him.

He was scheduled to be born via C-Section a week before his due date, April 7. Since no one (but his Daddy) thought April 1 would be a good choice :), we scheduled it for March 31. It turned out that this was a difficult date for our families to help because of work, etc. Also, Taysum had a horrible rash and had had a fever and Bailey had a scary respiratory infection and was very, very ill. I also had a pretty forceful cough that I was worried about during surgery and recovery. Fortunately, Grandpa and Grandma Anderson sacrificed and worked out their schedules to help us out which was a wonderful blessing! So, 5:00am, we left for Powell. The staff at Powell has just been so wonderful to us and it was a wonderful experience! No problems, no complications, just blessings and peace and joy!

Hayden had some wonderful visitors his first day! Because his brother and sister were sick, they couldn't visit him in the hospital, but they got to peek at him through the nursery window the next day. Uncle Chad, Aunt Lindsay, CJ, Quinn, Carissa and Celeste came to visit his first night.
Grandpa and Grandma Anderson were also there to share his first day.

Proud Papa
Here's the star of the show!

We came home on Saturday afternoon. Taysum was really excited to meet his brother and very proud to hold him!
Bailey has come around to Hayden a little slower. At first, she was pretty much just indifferent to him. Every once in a while she would point to him and say, "Baby!" or "He has ears!" She's really come around lately and seems to enjoy him more and more. It still makes both of them pretty nervous when he cries and Taysum lets me know pretty quickly that I need to come take care of him.

The next day was Easter. We had some fun gifts for the kids to kind of help with the transition. Bailey has really enjoyed "Wonder Pets" lately and we got her the Beanie Baby Characters of Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming. She was pretty impressed! Taysum has really been into Wii lately, so we got him a little educational game for that and he was pretty excited as well! It was a pretty nice first weekend home together. We had SO much help from our family and ward. We were overwhelmed and touched by all the love, support and help we've received from near and far!! We have really been blessed!
Hayden lost his cord when he was 5 days old, so we were able to give him a bath pretty early...although he's not too big a fan of the idea!

We've just been enjoying him! We just take our time and try to enjoy every moment! It's already going too fast!!
I LOVE this picture!!
Taysum has always been such a good big brother. He is so protective and tender-hearted! I saw them in this pose and it reminded me of....
....this picture from nearly three years earlier!
So a quick update on me...I'm healing really well and trying to figure out life with three kids. It's a little like music...with the two, it was kind of like a quick step march 2/4...but now I'm trying to slow down and reconfigure my mind to a 3/4 waltz. Just as beautiful...just different!
Also....yes....I turned 30!! We celebrated on the 11th with a bar-b-q at my parent's house with our family here. It was really nice. Ken gave me some much needed emergency preparedness items for a gift and a really pretty necklace and some "birthday money." With that I was able to get a camera!! I'm so excited and I just LOVE it! Now we will have a little better quality than just our phone camera pictures. Also, we've been talking for a while about doing the instant streaming from Net Flix to our TV, but it was kind of expensive. Well, on my birthday, the 12th, I received an email from Net Flix announcing that we could get a FREE disc for our Wii (which we already had) that would do the instant streaming! Did I mention it was FREE!! Happy Birthday to me!! ;) We've really been enjoying it!
Here are my sillies during stories before bed time.
Ken's been torn in 20 different directions lately and has had a lot of stress put on him, but he has handled it so well!! On the 16th, he went to Casper and took his PE Exam. He feels that he did well on it and we're hoping and praying that he passed!! It has been such a relief to have that out of the way and the kids love having their Daddy back and not having to study any more! The night he was coming back, I invited my Mom and Sister over for a girl's night to watch New Moon (another b-day gift). It was so fun to have them over and have yummy snacks. I caught this shot of my mom holding Hayden's hand.
Here are just some other fun shots...

Hayden is going to be our big boy!! At his 2 week appointment he not only had gained back his birth weight, but he blew it out of the water with and extra pound and 3 oz. at 9lbs. 7oz.!! Which put him in the 75th percentile for weight. His length was 54cm which puts him in the 90th percentile!!

We've had some BIG changes come to our home, but most of all we feel so blessed! We have three of the greatest kids there are and we just love this time in our life!! We are so happy! We have been blessed with wonderful family and friends! More to come soon!!