Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tyler and a Trip

We had so much going on the end of August.  The most wonderful, and emotional, was seeing my youngest brother off on his mission!  Tyler is just... good!  He's such a good person!  We love him so much and really miss him!  He's so caring, considerate, and generous!  So strong, humble and kind!  I was able to be with my parents and sister when Pres. Caldwell set him apart as a missionary.  That was my first experience attending a missionary setting apart and it was incredible!  The missionary spirit is very unique; powerful and exciting!  I am so glad I was able to be part of it!  All too soon, came the day we sent him off!  He had to be to the Cody airport super early in the morning and I was able to go see him off with my parents.  Another missionary from Lovell was also headed out on the same plane.  Elder Ethan Croft is serving in Africa; it was fun to have the Crofts there as well.

Elder Anderson and Elder Croft

The Elders and parents

My baby brother!

Chad also made it up to say goodbye!

Tender moments

Ready to board!

Well, he didn't quite make it without a hitch... the wind was really strong that morning and they asked someone to volunteer to go on a different flight.  No one would volunteer, so they picked someone randomly and... yup... Tyler was the lucky draw! :S  It was a little stressful, but they got things figured out and he was able to leave on a flight later that same day; around noon.  In a way, it was kind of nice because he was able to take a good nap!

I'm so glad that I went!  Later that day, we headed out on a trip of our own.  Ken got an interview in Rock Springs, WY for a job as an Engineer for PacifiCorp.  He did well in his phone interview and was invited to Rock Springs for a face to face interview.  We had the chance to go with him.  Taysum stayed with Gpa and Gma Anderson so he wouldn't miss school.  Hayden and Bailey did really well on the trip and we enjoyed it!  We also took the kids swimming at the hotel and now Bailey always talks about how going to Rock Springs = going swimming!

First Day of First Grade

I just cannot believe how grown up this kid is getting to be!  We're so proud of him and how far he's come over the years.  We've had to overcome some difficult things and we're still working on it; but overall, it's been a privilege and a miracle to be this special boy's mother.

Taysum was very excited to be a first grader!  He has a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ashby, and he just loves school!  Everything has gone very well getting accommodations in place for him and he is just thriving!  These are some pictures of him on the first day! 

(I try to convince him it's ok to leave the top button undone, but he insists on having all the buttons buttoned!)

Awesome Mario backpack from Gpa and Gma A

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandpa Taysum and Grandma Bailey

Well, we're almost to the end of August postsz!  This was one of, if not the, best part!  My Grandpa and Grandma Garrick came to visit!  They live in California and we only get to see them once every few years.  I've always admired them and it's a very special time when they come!  They came to be part of Tyler's farewell.  We also had the chance to go up to Five Springs.  We were still busy finishing up moving and settling in, so it was a nice break!  Five Springs is one of my favorite spots!  The kids had a great time, too!

We roasted some hotdogs for dinner.

Hayden really loved the watermelon!

Taysum got his name from his Great-Grandpa Garrick.  Taysum was his mother's maiden name and is his middle name... so it's a pretty special name!  Grandpa is always so kind to Taysum and tries to make a connection with him.  He always points out they are both Taysums...we call him Grandpa Taysum sometimes.

 What else but S'mores for dessert!?

The bros-in-law!

Father and daughter

 Mother-in-law and son-in-law

Tyler's farewell was wonderful!  He did a great job and I know he's going to be a wonderful missionary!  It was so great to have some time with Gpa and Gma G as well!  They are among the most wonderful people you could know!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ward Campout

Each year, our ward has a camp out.  It's always a great time!  This year, I din't go because Hayden wasn't feeling very well, so we stayed home.  Ken took the other two and they all had a great time!

4 Wheeling with the Carpenters

Good Morning, B!!

Bro. Thomas took the ward rappelling, too!  Bailey really wanted to do it, but the gear was too uncomfortable for her, so she decided not to.

Our little dare-devil, Taysum loved, it though!  I was really proud of Ken for taking them.  I would have been so scared to death of them being on a cliff like that, I probably would have lost it.  He said it was a little unnerving, but our wonderful ward members were very helpful!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our New House

Things have been really interesting and busy in the Cutler household!  The first big change was a move!  It's a long story, but we were so very blessed to find a home to rent that would be a great relief on our finances. Since you can see our "old" house from our "new" house, as it's just around the corner, we were able to move in gradually.  It was a little difficult on the kids, but I think they handled things pretty well!  We had so much help from family and friends, it was so wonderful!  We are finally settled in and we really enjoy our new home!

Hayden helping me sweep! :)

New House

Living Room

Our Bedroom

Utility Room (which I LOVE having!!)

Pantry (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!)

This Patio is like another room in the house!  The kids love playing on it; Hayden would stay out there all day, if we'd let him! :)  I love the way B says patio.  She pronounces it like pot(like to boil water in)io... it's pretty cute! :)  The backyard and garage are great as well!  There is a clothes line in the back as well, which was great to use during the last bit of heat we've had!

Yeah, ok... we're not ones to have inside furniture outside, but it's a covered patio and we have no room inside for it... we're not sure if we're going to keep it or get rid of it, so for now...

B showing us the Kitchen...

Our Office/Gym/Dining Room

(There's a treadmill hiding behind the corner)


Kid's Playroom/Bedroom

These mirrors are something else!

As you can see, we're pretty comfortable in our new home! :D