Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas Day

It was really special to have Christmas Day on a Sunday!  After church, the kids went right back to their tablets! :)  Before I got the camera, B was leaning on her hand, too and it was just too funny! :)

 Later we had Christmas dinner with everyone!  The kids had a great time being downstairs with all their cousins!

The adults had probably an even better time hanging out together upstairs!

After dinner we played a fun new game the Nielsens brought to share 

I would have to say, this is probably what our kids enjoy most about going to Grandpa Ned's and Grammy Penny's house!

 Home again, home again, jiggety-jog...


  1. Hey hey! I know Holly! Small world! So she must be Ken's sister?! We hang out at the gym and stake choir! She is awesome! How fun!

  2. Those tablets sure look fun! I'm glad your kids were able to enjoy Christmas ... sounds like you guys all had so much fun!!! We miss you guys!

  3. I'm always late with my comments but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy hearing of your wonderful Holiday fun and excitement for your fast growing-up family.
    Love from another Grandma